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Object Name Announcement
Object ID 2014.033.001
Summary Announcement, Colonel Charles L. Gray presented with George Washington Honor Medal Award for 1969 Armed Forces Letter "My Hopes For America's Future". Printed in black ink on white cardstock. Front features round seal/logo of Freedoms Foundation above text "Freedoms Foundation / at / Valley Forge / Valley Forge, Pennsylvania". Inside is printed "The / Trustees and Officers / of / Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge / announce with pleasure / the selection of / LTC Charles L. Gray, USA / by the distinguished National & School Awards Jury / to receive / $100 & George Washington Honor Medal Award / for / 1969 Armed Forces Letter / "My Hopes For America's Future" / An outstanding accomplishment / in helping to achieve a better understanding / of the American Way of Life / Kenneth D. Wells / President / Public announcement will be made on February 22nd".
Date 1970
Additional Information Text of LTC Gray's award-winning letter, as it appears in the Congressional Record, 116 Cong. Rec. 6039 (1970) Extensions of Remarks - March 4, 1970:
My hopes for America's future must be joined with her past successes and blessings. I hope that America's people will continue to be filled with the determination and individuality of choice to seek the freedom of human alternatives to religious oppression which the Pilgrims sought when they landed at Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620.
My hope for America's future begs that the foresight, independence, originality, dogged determination and perseverance of the architects of our Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence will remain as permanent guidelines in helping our national leaders to chart the right course in promoting the business and destinies of this nation's people, when decisions confronting their destiny are at stake.
My hopes for America's future must look back to Abraham Lincoln. The shining light of America's future into the next century may well be tied to a link which extends back through Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation, the 13th and 14 Amendments and the Gettysburg Address. For in these illustrious documents the key to this country's concern for humanity is forever imprinted. My hopes for America's future call for a continuation of this concern for humanity into and beyond the 21st century.
It is my hope for America's future that she will forever possess the spirit of continuing the convention of brotherhood and fellowship of all humanity under the protective umbrella of our God. My hopes call for the realization that one day our weapons can be forged into instruments for peace, health, and tranquility - that this will truly be the era of "Atoms for Peace" and for the benefit of all mankind.
My hopes for America's future includes prayer that God will protect my country and give it the right direction to enable it to forever be the greatest country in the world, materially and spiritually. My hopes for America's future call out that no country misinterpret activities in this country as signs of weakness and divisiveness. As former President Johnson once stated, "There is far more that unites us than divides us."
My hopes for America's future, yearn for the continued belief by its 200 million citizens, in the famous words of Gen. Douglas MacArthur, "Duty, Honor, and Country."
People Gray, Charles L.
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U.S. Army
Credit Line Gift of Herbin Gray