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Name Williamson, Harry Webb
Date of Birth 07/11/1913
Date of Death 04/08/2000
Occupations & Associations Olympic Athlete, 1936 Berlin, 800 meter race (6th place)
Titles & Honors NC Sports Hall of Fame
High Point Hero, 2010
Education University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill)
Number of Archives Records 16
Number of Library Records 0
Number of Objects Records 6
Number of Photos Records 5

Associated Records

Image of Card, Identification - 2010.028.001

Card, Identification - 2010.028.001

Identification Card, Olympic Identification, Harry W. Williamson, October 1936.

Image of Program - 2010.028.002

Program - 2010.028.002

Program, Dedication Ceremony for High Point Heroes plaques, August 30, 2010. Back of program has map showing locations of all eight plaques.

Image of Program - 2010.028.003

Program - 2010.028.003

Program, The City of High Point North Carolina Honoring Harry Williamson Olympic Star, Tuesday, September 15, 1936. Program includes a list of guests of honor and information on Williamson's track records. Additional information re: records is handwritten on the program.

Image of Tag, Identification - 2010.028.004

Tag, Identification - 2010.028.004

Tag (paper bib), runner identification number 77, undated. Handwritten notes on tag read "State Hi-School Meet - I got first in Mile at Davidson in 1929 Time - 5:4", "First -- First place win as a High Point High School Junior classman", "Got first in Salbery, NC in mile - second in half", and "First in mile at Statesville second in half-mile".

Image of Program - 2010.028.005

Program - 2010.028.005

Program, North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame 36th Induction Banquet, May 19, 1999.

Image of Pamphlet - 2010.028.007

Pamphlet - 2010.028.007

Booklet, American Olympic Team, S.S. Manhattan, July 15, 1936.

Image of Clipping, Newspaper - 2010.028.008

Clipping, Newspaper - 2010.028.008

Clippings, Collegiate Digest, Vol. IV Issue 30. Two photos of Williamson as a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill runner taped to page torn from scrapbook. Parts of other clippings are taped to back 2010.028.008A: Undated (possibly from Vol. IV Issue 30) 2010.028.008B: April 24, 1936

Image of Program - 2010.028.011

Program - 2010.028.011

Booklet, football program possibly missing cover, 1936. Interior page features two photos of Williamson and text "Harry Williamson, 1933-34-35, Former Carolina track star, and according to the best information avialable, the State's first Olympic performer."

Image of Print, Photographic - 2010.028.006

Print, Photographic - 2010.028.006

Photograph, Harry Williamson holding NC Sports Hall of Fame plaque, ca. May 19, 1999.

Image of Print, Photographic - 2010.028.009

Print, Photographic - 2010.028.009

Photograph, sepia, Harry Williamson, Jack Dempsey, and Glenn Cunningham post Madison Square Garden Millrose Games, February 2, 1936. Signed "To a Real Champion Harry Williamson Best of Luck Your Friend Jack Dempsey". This is a copy of the original, signed photograph. Handwritten in black ink on back: "Madison Square Garden, N.Y.C. Millrose Games Winner of 1,000 yd Run, Time 2:13.6, Heavy Weight boxing champion Jack Dempsey invited Harry Williamson (Left - 1,000 yd winner) and Glenn Cunningham (Wannamaker Mile) to his restaurant in N.Y.'s Time Square area for a steak dinner at conclusion of Madison Square Garden Millrose Games, Feb. 2, 1936. This win was the first of Williamson's most s

Image of Print, Photographic - 2010.028.010

Print, Photographic - 2010.028.010

Photograph, black and white, Harry Williamson wearing University of North Carolina track warm-ups. This is a blown-up copy of an original snapshot. Handwriting on the back is Mr. Williamson's. Handwritten in blue ink on reverse "Harry Williamson - Univ. of North Carolina Half Miler, taken about three weeks prior to final try-outs for U.S.A. Olympic Track & Field Team competing in the 1936 Olympic Games, Berlin, Germany. This picture was made during his training routine on the clay and cinder type track of this era at U.N.C.'s Emerson Stadium, Chapel Hill, N.C. He had just graduated from U.N.C. with the degree B.S. in Commerce. He is a native of High Point, N.C. where during his high school