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Name Guilford County
Number of Archive records 74
Number of Library records 3
Number of Object records 28
Number of Photo records 12

Associated Records

Image of License - 2005.113.006

License - 2005.113.006

Privilege license, Steele's Diner, Guilford County, #0180, dated May 4, 1979. License is printed on a rectangular sheet of pink cardstock with particulars typewritten. Authorizes Steele's Diner to sell beer on premises. Expires April 30, 1980. Tax paid is $50.00. Signed by Vickie Anderson, Assistant Tax Collector. Watermarked with seal of Guilford County Commissioners. Reverse is blank.

Image of Card, Documentary - 2011.002.051

Card, Documentary - 2011.002.051

Card, K-O Polio Program, Guilford County, "Susan Buie has received one dose of trivalent oral poliomyelitis vaccine", March 1, 1964.

Map - 2011.011.001

Photographic aerial map of the Triad region, 1000 scale, approximately 5 feet x 9 feet, ca. late 1980s or early 1990s.

Map - 2011.011.002

Photographic aerial map of the Triad region, 2000 scale, approximately 4 feet x 6 feet, dated 1995.

Image of Receipt - 2016.021.016

Receipt - 2016.021.016

Receipt, #1133, Guilford County, $91.10 received of Gladys Robinson as partial payment on tax receipt #27035 for 1946 taxes, October 31, 1946. Stamped "PAID". Signed by D. V. Hoskins.

Image of Receipt - 2016.021.017

Receipt - 2016.021.017

Receipt, #51040, Guilford County, $44.78 received of the estate of John Robinson for 1946 taxes, October 31, 1946. Stamped "PAID".

Image of Receipt - 2005.067.009

Receipt - 2005.067.009

Receipt, Guilford County Delinquent Tax Office, $5.92 received of Gladys Robinson for 1934 taxes on four lots on Pearson Street valued at $565 and personal property valued at $60, October 22, 1935. Stamped and signed by T. R. Short, Deputy Tax Collection, High Point Township.

Image of Receipt - 2005.067.010

Receipt - 2005.067.010

Tax Receipt, #59799, Guilford County, $50.52 received of Gladys Robinson for 1949 taxes on property valued at $8867, May 1, 1950. Robinson's real property is enumerated as Underhill, Vac. Downing Street, 1208 Pearson Street, Vac. Hoover, 1305-7 Vernon Street, Vac. Vernon Street, 306 W. Willis Street, 319-605 Hulda Street, 769-771 E. Washington, and 103 Gaylord.

Image of Receipt - 2005.067.011

Receipt - 2005.067.011

Tax Receipt, #43041, Guilford County, $109.74 received of Minnie Edmondson for 1935 taxes on property valued at $15,227, May 22, 1936. Edmondson's real property is enumerated as 424 Willowbrook, Taylor, Downing, E. Washington, Cliffside, Moontown, Hilltop & Freemont, Hilltop, Freemont, and [2?]20 Hobson.

Image of Deed - 2005.067.012

Deed - 2005.067.012

Deed, sale of Lot #64 of Griffin Park for $10, from J. Allen and Nancy K. Austin to N. E. Allred, April 26, 1922. Signed by R. H. Wharton, Register of Deeds. Filed with Guilford County Register of Deeds in Book #386, Page 63.

Image of Deed - 2005.067.013

Deed - 2005.067.013

Deed, W. P. Ragan, September 3, 1900. Three pages, handwritten, in red folder. Ragan bought property in High Point Township owned by Martin Griffith when it was sold for non-payment of taxes on June 5, 1899. J. A. Hoskins was sheriff at the time of sale. Property is described as two lots near Benbow's corner and a third lot near Jesse Edmondson's corner. Pinned to the second page is tax receipt #379 showing taxes received of Martin Griffith from the sale of his property. Glued to the third page is a form certifying the execution of the deed.

Image of Program - 2012.023.006

Program - 2012.023.006

Program, Unveiling of a Marker Commemorating the Site of Classes That Led to the Founding of Guilford Technical Community College, June 9, 2009. White with black text. Cover features seal of the City of High Point and program of events. Inside features history of the founding of Guilford Technical Community College. Back cover features lists of High Point City Council members and City of High Point administrative staff.

Image of Card, Political - 2012.006.003

Card, Political - 2012.006.003

Political campaign card, Albert C. Hinson for Sheriff, ca. 1960s. Text reads "Mark Albert C. (Cliff) Hinson for Sheriff of Guilford County (Democrat) / Former High Point Policeman & Deputy Sheriff / For Fair and Impartial Enforcement of the Law".

Image of Receipt - 2015.050.025

Receipt - 2015.050.025

Tax receipt, issued to Mayfield Leach by Guilford County, no. 68279, January 4, 1965. For the amount of $69.95, in payment for his 1954 county, special school, and city taxes.

Image of Receipt - 2015.050.016

Receipt - 2015.050.016

Tax receipt, for the amount of $1.19, Henry Morrison, Guilford County, no. 12268, March 28, 1912. Signed by B. E. Jones, Sheriff of Guilford County. A marginal note indicates that the tax payment was received.

Image of Affidavit - 2013.040.001

Affidavit - 2013.040.001

Affidavit, regarding unidentified deed, Guilford County November 1787 Term. Transcription [all spelling & grammar is as written]: Guilford County Nov. Term 1787 / The Execution of the within Deed was proven in Open Court by the Oath of Andrew Sullaven and was ordered to be R[egistered?] / [?] / 22 acres / [illegible signature]

Image of Deed - 2013.040.002

Deed - 2013.040.002

Deed, testifying that land was sold by Alpheus P. Welbern to Julius Brown under the terms of the Last Will and Testament of Elisha Charles, Sr., 1875. Written on lined paper. Document appears to have been written with blank spaces for filling in dates, prices, and some names. Some spaces are not filled in. Written in margin near blanks are descriptions of what should be written in blank spaces (ie, "Date of sale", "Price"). Written on reverse of back page is "Deed / A. P. Welborn / To / [blank] / Price $ [blank] / Date [blank]". Transcription [all spelling & grammar is as written]: North Carolina / Guilford County / Whereas Elisha Charles Sr. late of said County executed and publishe

Image of Agreement - 2013.040.003

Agreement - 2013.040.003

Agreement, between P. W. Williard and J. B. Bodenhamer/Bodenheimer, March 26, 1883. Williard agreed to pay Bodenhamer $200 for a tract of land. Seal or raised watermark in top left corner of each page - seal is stylized oval with text "CUMBERLAND / MILLS". Transcription [all spelling & grammar is as written]: State of North Carolina, Guilford County, know all men by these presents that I P. W. Williard am held and firmly bound unto J. B. Bodenhammer in the sum of ($200) two hundred dollars good and lawful money; to the true and faithful payment whereof to him the said J. B. B. his heirs and assigns I bind myself my heirs and assigns jointly and severally by these presents signed with my

Image of Deed - 2015.050.003

Deed - 2015.050.003

Deed, transferring land from Nannie Ader of Pittsburg, PA, to George W. Trice of Guilford County, NC, September 6, 1912. Land is described as "lot No. 10 in Block & Moon plot". Trice paid $75.00 for the lot. Typewritten on legal-sized paper. Obverse signed by R. H. Wharton, register of deeds, and Ed L. Ragan, notary public.

Image of Receipt - 2015.050.018

Receipt - 2015.050.018

Tax receipt, for amount of $11.45, issued to Mayfield Leach, Guilford County, no. 26390, August 13, 1923. Signed by R. B. Parker on behalf of D. B. Stafford, Sheriff of Guilford County. Mounted on a piece of peach-colored paper.