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Name Hi-Toms
Number of Archive records 11
Number of Library records 0
Number of Object records 1
Number of Photo records 60

Associated Records

Image of Card, Baseball - 2014.010.001

Card, Baseball - 2014.010.001

Baseball card, Ed Mathews, Boston Braves. Reprint (1991) of original 1953 Topps #37 card. Obverse features color headshot photograph of Mathews wearing a dark blue "B" cap; along bottom margin is black rectangle bearing text "ED MATHEWS / third base BOSTON BRAVES"; to right of text is illustration of Braves mascot in yellow circle. Reverse features, top to bottom: illustration of baseball bearing text "TOPPS / 37" to left of Mathews' biographical information. Below is a short paragraph about Mathews' career superimposed with his signature in red. Below is batting record, fielding record, and a "DUGOUT QUIZ" question. Along bottom edge is text "TOPPS BASEBALL ARCHIVES / THE ULTIMATE 1953

Image of Card, Baseball - 2014.010.002

Card, Baseball - 2014.010.002

Baseball card, Eddie Mathews, Sports Illustrated/Fleer Greats of the Game #40. Obverse features color photograph of Mathews wearing Braves uniform and holding baseball bat; in top left corner is text "Sports / Illustrated / Presented by FLEER"; along bottom is text "GREATS / OF THE / GAME / Third Base / Eddie Mathews". Reverse features small "Braves" logo, headshot photograph of Matthews, biographical information, career highlights, and a chart of statistics.

Image of Card, Baseball - 2014.010.003

Card, Baseball - 2014.010.003

Baseball card, Eddie Mathews, Fleer Greats #30. Obverse features color photograph of Mathews seated and wearing Braves uniform; in top left corner is logo "FLEER / Greats"; along bottom is text "Milwaukee Braves" and small baseball and bat illustration bearing text "Eddie Mathews". Obverse has a shimmery coating. Reverse features statistics, biographical information, and small "Braves" logo.

Image of Card, Baseball - 2014.010.004

Card, Baseball - 2014.010.004

Baseball card, Eddie Mathews, Topps Tribute #73. Obverse is holographic and features color photograph of Mathews at bat and wearing Milwaukee Braves uniform; in top left corner is Topps Tribute logo; circular text around border reads (clockwise from top) "EDDIE MATHEWS / CAREER HOME RUNS / 500 / MILWAUKEE BRAVES THIRD BASE". Reverse features color headshot, major league batting record, and career information. Card is plastic or covered with plastic coating.

Newsletter - 2016.030.008

Newsletter, AMCO News, Adams-Millis Corporation, Vol. XIV No. 3, March 1957. Article topics include the company's annual shareholders meeting, the company's payroll savings plan, the financial cost of accidents, the federal Hoover Commission, and springtime flowers. Includes employee news, including retirements and work anniversaries, and photographs. The front cover features a photograph of employee Garland York receiving a polio vaccination shot from Dr. Craig Parks. The back cover is printed with a short article titled "Let's Face It... / No Job Is a Permanent Institution".

Image of Ticket - 1996.022.092

Ticket - 1996.022.092

Ticket, #6355, baseball doubleheader at Finch Field, June 11, 1956. Games are High Point Fire Department versus the Thomasville Fire Department and the Hi-Toms versus Danville. White paper printed with black ink.

Image of Baseball -

Baseball -

Baseball, signed by Hi-Toms team members, 1950. White leather with red stitching. Written in black ink " '50 / Hi-Toms". Names signed in blue ink. Legible names: John Lybrand, Chick Petters, Carl Greene, Bill Conroy, Al Jarlett, Cliff Bolton, Bill Smith, Vince Pizzatola, Jack Hoy, Bob [Mathieson?], Lin Southworth, Bob [Farino? Fancino?], Eddie Emmon, Walt [?], Jim [Hudson?], Jim Gruzdis.

Image of Negative - 53-4-325

Negative - 53-4-325

Negatives (6), cellulose acetate, black and white, depicting the Hi-Toms baseball team, April 1953. All the players are young Caucasian men who wear the team uniform of light-colored short pants, jerseys bearing text "Hi-Toms" across the chest, and baseball caps bearing intertwined "HT" logo. Images were probably taken at Finch Field. Bleachers are visible in right background. Quantity: 6 Negatives 1-2 & 4-5: Fourteen players posed in three rows. Five players are seated, five kneel in second row, and four stand in back. Negatives 3 & 6: Eight players posed in three rows. Two are seated, three kneel, and four stand.

Image of Negative - 50-232

Negative - 50-232

Negatives (8), cellulose acetate, black and white, depicting Hi-Toms baseball players. Pictured are manager Jimmy Gruzdis, Bill Conroy, LaVernie Thompson, Leland H. French, Bill Farquhar, Joe Bertling, John Tuttle, Bill Queen, Jack Knight, George Wright, Tommy Scott, and Bob Mathieson. Quantity: 8 Group 1: Negative 1 of 2: Players stretching on a ballfield while a coach speaks to them from the pitcher's mound. Bleachers in background. Negative 2 of 2: Jimmy Gruzdis (left) speaking to a player wearing Hi-Toms jersey. Group 2: Negative 1 of 1: Three players standing together; all wear jerseys and Hi-Toms baseball caps. Left to right, players are Bill Conroy, LaVernie Thompson, and

Image of Negative - 50-250

Negative - 50-250

Negative, cellulose acetate, black and white, depicting two members of the Hi-Toms baseball team. The two men kneel or sit in front of a baseball field dug-out. They wear Hi-Toms uniforms and appear to be chewing tobacco. Behind them, two men in civilian clothes walk up steps from the dug-out and other people are visible in stands behind the dug-outs. A sign reads "NO WARM UPS / [IN] FRONT OF STANDS". Quantity: 1

Image of Negative - 50-285

Negative - 50-285

Negatives (4), cellulose acetate, black and white, depicting two unidentified Hi-Toms baseball players. The players, depicted individually, both wear street clothes and stand outdoors in the driveway or yard of a house. A truck and station wagon are parked behind them. Quantity: 4 Negatives 1 & 3 of 4: Both show the same player, wearing a long-sleeved, wide-striped polo shirt and Hi-Toms cap. Negatives 2 & 4 of 4: Both show the same player, a younger man wearing a Hi-Toms cap and a loose-fitting, zip-up jacket over a knit sweater.

Image of Negative - 50-388

Negative - 50-388

Negatives (2), cellulose acetate, black and white, depicting Hi-Toms baseball player Johnny Lybrand. Lybrand wears a Hi-Toms uniform and is pictured in a batting stance. Baseball field visible in background. Quantity: 2

Image of Negative - 50-387

Negative - 50-387

Negatives (2), cellulose acetate, black and white, showing an unidentified Hi-Toms baseball player. He wears a Hi-Toms uniform and a glove on his left hand. In Negative 1 of 2, he reaches up as though catching a ball. Baseball field visible in background. Quantity: 2

Image of Negative - 50-389

Negative - 50-389

Negatives (2), cellulose acetate, black and white, depicting two Hi-Toms baseball players inspecting a Louisville Slugger bat. Both wear Hi-Toms uniforms and one appears to have a plug of chewing tobacco or chewing gum in his mouth. They appear to be in a dug-out or locker room. Quantity: 2

Image of Negative - 50-390

Negative - 50-390

Negatives (3), cellulose acetate, black and white, depicting Hi-Toms baseball players. Quantity: 3 Negatives 1 & 3 of 3: Shows outfielder Jack Holt leaning against the bleachers of a baseball field. Holt wears Hi-Toms uniform. Bleachers and announcer's booth visible in background. Negative 2 of 3: Shows three pitchers, (L-R) Bill Conroy, Al Jarlett, and Bob Matthieson, standing together on a baseball field. Jarlett holds a baseball, at which they all look.

Image of Negative - 50-848

Negative - 50-848

Negatives (2), cellulose acetate, black and white, depicting Bill Currie and Harold Harrison in the public announcer's booth at Finch Field. The two men are seated side-by-side at a small, wooden table and both appear to be speaking into tabletop microphones placed on the table. Harrison, at left, is a middle-aged Caucasian man wearing a striped suit and plaid necktie. Currie, a younger Caucasian man, wears a corduroy suit jacket, patterned necktie, and brimmed hat. Quantity: 2

Image of Negative - 50-286

Negative - 50-286

Negatives (2), cellulose acetate, black and white, depicting Hi-Toms baseball players during practice. In both images, the subjects stand on a baseball field and other players and a few spectators can be seen in background. Quantity: 2 Negative 1 of 2: Two players, Cliff Bolton (L) and Johnny Lybrand, both wearing Hi-Toms uniforms and baseball gloves. Bolton wears a windbreaker jacket over his jersey. Lybrand has a wad of chewing tobacco or gum in his mouth. Negative 2 of 2: Manager Jimmy Gruzdis (R) appears to be going over notes on a clipboard with player Al Jarlett. Gruzdis wears slacks and a button-up shirt; Jarlett wears Hi-Toms uniform. A few men in suits are visible in bleach

Image of Negative - 50-484

Negative - 50-484

Negatives (6), cellulose acetate, black and white, depicting events in the Miss Hi-Toms contest. In Negative 1, two men are shown riding a lawnmower; one of the men wears a woman's swimsuit and makeup. Negatives 2 & 6 show the winner, possibly Mary Lou Culler, on stage with judge Charlie "Choo-Choo" Justice; the woman wears a swimsuit and a banner reading "Miss Hi-Toms of 1950". In Negative 3, Miss Hi-Toms reclines on a faux hill covered with fake grass. Negative 4 shows Miss Hi-Toms, wearing a banner reading "Tucker Dry Cleaning", and another woman, wearing a swimsuit and a banner reading "Ashmore Bu[?], standing on stage; the stage is covered with fake grass and four men can be seen sea

Image of Negative - 50-259

Negative - 50-259

Negatives (13), cellulose acetate, black and white, of Hi-Toms baseball team members. Members pictured include Photographs by Curry. Negatives were arranged into 7 groups. Quantity: 13 Group 1: Negative 1 of 2: Four men kneeling on a baseball field. All wear Hi-Toms jerseys and uniforms; one wears a jacket over his jersey. Group 1: Negative 2 of 2: A man, wearing baseball uniform, kneels with bat in front of baseball field bleachers. Group 2: Negative 1 of 5: A young man wearing Hi-Toms uniform rests his left arm on his left knee and talks in front of bleachers. Group 2: Negative 2 of 5: A young man, wearing Hi-Toms uniform and holding baseball bat, kneels in front of baseball fie

Image of Negative - 49-422

Negative - 49-422

Negatives (5), cellulose acetate, depicting Hi-Toms baseball team members; Quantity: 5 Negative 1 of 5: Two Caucasian men, wearing "Hi-Toms" sports jerseys, tossing baseball on baseball field. Negatives 2 of 5 & 5 of 5: Two Caucasian men wearing "Hi-Toms" sports jerseys standing by fence and holding baseball bat. Scoreboard seen in background. Negative 3 of 5: Caucasian man, wearing "Hi-Toms" baseball uniform, in pitching stance. Bleachers seen in background. Negative 4 of 5: Four Caucasian men, shirtless, wearing shorts and baseball gloves. Man at far right holds baseball in right hand.