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Name New York
Number of Archive records 58
Number of Library records 3
Number of Object records 10
Number of Photo records 4

Associated Records

Image of Postcard - 1991.081.360

Postcard - 1991.081.360

Postcard, View of Harlem River, New York. Unused.

Image of Postcard - 1991.081.361

Postcard - 1991.081.361

Postcard, East River, New York City, New York, sent to Miss Lena Ritenbery, 201 Centennial, High Point, NC. Postmarked September 17, 1908, Greensboro, NC. Caption reads "East River / Shipping / N. Y. City". Transcription [written on reverse]: Hello Lena! I arrived all safe but am having a hard row to hoe and it comes tough. I don't know whether I can come Sunday after next or not but I expect I could come better the first Sun. in Oct. I will not know until the time comes Transcription [written on obverse]: but I think we had better put it off until the first Sun. Write soon & excuse my haste / #816 Sprg. Garden St. / Minnie.

Collection, Archival - 2014.003

Series 1: Negatives and prints probably taken by Earl D. Smith (numbered 1-420 & some unnumbered) 419-Folders containing negative strips Series 2: Sherwin Williams/Model Farm Promotional House 64-Transparencies, small-format 54-Slides Series 3: Hayworth Courtroom, 1997 33-Negatives (9 strips) Series 4: Furnishings Collection of color images of furnishings, taken for publication and advertising (82 large-format transparencies & 2 prints) Series 5: Miscellaneous 1-Large-format transparency

Image of Collection, Archival - 2010.026

Collection, Archival - 2010.026

Archive material related to Frank Deal television career and personal life. Series 1: Career. Includes photographs, certificates/awards, programs, biographies and resumes, Deal's reference material (weather reports and "Current Comedy" newsletter), and press clippings. 1956-1996. Series 2: Scripts. Includes scripts for television programs and charity events; some scripts were written by Deal. 1961-1990s. Series 3: Correspondence. Includes letters written to and from Deal, both personal and professional. 1938-1996. Series 4: Personal. Includes photographs of Deal, his parents, and other relatives; religious materials; and papers related to his education, acting experiences,

Image of Postcard - 1991.081.322

Postcard - 1991.081.322

Postcard, The City Investing Building, New York City, New York. Addressed to Mrs. D. H. Ritenbury, 201 Centennial Avenue, High Point, NC. Not postmarked. No message.

Image of Postcard - 1991.081.327

Postcard - 1991.081.327

Postcard, Episcopal Church, Walden, New York. Addressed to Miss Lena Ritenbery, High Point, NC. Postmarked September 3, 1908, Walden, NY. Transcription of message written in pencil on obverse: got your letter all OK- AW.

Image of Postcard - 1991.081.331

Postcard - 1991.081.331

Postcard, Lower Broadway, New York City, New York. Depiction on obverse is a night scene of urban street with streetcars and pedestrians. Unused.

Image of Postcard - 1991.081.345

Postcard - 1991.081.345

Postcard, aerial view of New York City, New York. Caption reads "GENERAL VIEW OF NEW YORK". Unused.

Image of Postcard - 2015.044.004

Postcard - 2015.044.004

Postcard, to Carl Chavis from Octavius Jones, June 20, 1942. Addressed to Mr. Carl Chive[sic], Station B, High Point, NC. Postmarked June 20, 1942, New York, NY, and June 29, 1942, High Point, NC. Return address is 128 W. 137 St. Apt. 5, New York, NY. Obverse features message written in black ink (see below); reverse bears address and postmark and is printed with 1-cent postage. A football play is illustrated on reverse, just to right of address. Transcription of message: 124 W 137 St Apt 5 New York N. Y. Hi Chive What cooking in the city man you should be in the city with me I know I'm a big bull with these red bone I got a good job pay every two week good money [crossed out: il

Image of Deed - 2015.050.007

Deed - 2015.050.007

Deed, transferring land from Theodore McArthur of Guilford County, to Hattie Leach of Guilford County, NC, March 9, 1948. Land is described as "lot #32 of Griffin Park". Leach paid $10.00 for the lot. Printed on legal-sized paper with particulars typewritten. Notarized by Louis Vellia of New York. Registered in Guilford County on March 23, 1948. Handwritten in pencil on reverse is "Mayfield Leach / 205 Underhill St / High Point, N.C."

Image of Box -

Box -

Metal box, owned by Walter H. Robinson. Black metal with metal lock and removeable interior tray with three compartments. Exterior has gold-painted, raised band just above lock and two very thin gold-painted bands, one .5-inch below the raised band and another .5-inch above the base of box. Hinged handle on top of lid. Inside top lid is stamped "Owl Drug Co. / 6th Ave. cor. 26th St. N.Y. / Theatrical Supplies". 2005.070.001 A: Box 2005.070.001 B: Key (as of 10-16-2012, it is assumed key is inside box, below tray)

Image of Vest -

Vest -

Vest, dark red or maroon polyester, with white trim and white Lions International logo printed on back, along with text "N. [logo] C. / LIONS". Open in front - no closures. Pinned to front are thirty-four lapel pins from Lions Club conventions and chapters across the United States. 2014.007.022 A: Vest Pins: 2014.007.022 B: Black hat with stars, musical bar, flags, Lions International logo, and text "NEW ORLEANS 1977". 2014.007.022 C: Conestoga wagon with Lions International logo and text "OKLAHOMA / 1975". 2014.007.022 D: Lion wearing eyeglasses flanked by flags of Mexico and United States above outline of New Jersey and text "NEW / JERSEY / 72 / DISTRICT / 26". 2014.007.022 E: C