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Name Sears Roebuck & Company
Number of Archive records 11
Number of Library records 2
Number of Object records 11
Number of Photo records 9

Associated Records

Image of Newsletter - 2007.043.030

Newsletter - 2007.043.030

Newsletter, AMCO News, Adams-Millis Corporation, Vol. XXI No. 9, November-December 1963. Includes articles on supervisor Gaston Hodges, company vacation schedule, Southern Die Casting president J.M. Woollen, a question and answer section on company policy, quality control reports, and employee news. An address label on last page is typewritten "MRS B L KOONTS JR / 516 MOBILE ST / GREENSBORO N C".

Image of Newsletter - 2007.043.037

Newsletter - 2007.043.037

Newsletter, AMCO News, Adams-Millis Corporation, Vol. XXII No. 8, December 1964. Includes articles on supervisor William T. Hayes, changes in deductions for savings plans, work on new Kernersville plant, and employee news. Also includes a letter from Sears, Roebuck and Company wishing Adam-Millis employees a great Christmas. An address label on last page is typewritten "MRS B L KOONTS JR / 1309 COOK STREET / HIGH POINT N C".

Image of Pamphlet - 2014.039.002

Pamphlet - 2014.039.002

Pamphlet, What's Made in High Point and Who Makes It, ca. late 1930s. Published by the Barber-Hall Printing Company. Blue paper cover. Front cover printed with blue line illustration of shirtless man looking down on a collage of garments, vehicles, and furniture items; background and details in silver. Above illustration is text "What's made in / HIGH POINT / and / Who / makes it". Back cover printed with illustration of the Giant Chest of Drawers/Bureau of Information above text "A MESSAGE / OF INTEREST / FROM / HIGH POINT, N. C." Inside front cover printed with facts about High Point. Inside back cover printed with population statistics for 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, and 1936. Contain

Image of Statement, Financial - 2016.007.002

Statement, Financial - 2016.007.002

Consolidated financial statements, Anvil Brand, Inc. and subsidiary The Hallmark Shirt Company, for the fiscal year ending October 31, 1964. Prepared by Bernhard M. Joffe and Company of New York. Eight pages with staple binding. Contents include accountants' certificate, a letter from president G. K. Hammes, balance sheet and notes, consolidated statement of operations, and a list of directors, officers, company locations, and principal products.

Image of Case, Camera -

Case, Camera -

Case, for Bell and Howell Zoomatic Director Series motion picture camera, ca. 1950s. Brown leather with adjustable shoulder strap, flap closure with metal clasp in front, and red felt lining. Proper right corner stamped with gold "Tower" logo. Each corner of bottom of case has a small, rounded, brass foot.

Newspaper - 2000.020.131

Newspaper, The Tribunal Aid, Vol. 3 No. 27, November 26, 1975. Articles on: High Point Parks and Recreation Department; Southside Recreation Center; Project Americana, Inc.; "Issues Facing North Carolina Blacks in the Seventies" state conference; Sears-Roebuck Foundation; phenylketonuria (PKU); Office of Minority Business Enterprise; business management seminar; "Named to Who's Who In Universities and Colleges"; and television shows "Why Me?", "Say Brother", and "Soul Train" Opinion pieces by: Albert A. Campbell; Miller Carter, Jr.; Vernon E. Jordan, Jr.; and Alfred L. Hinson

Newspaper - 2000.020.132

Newspaper, The Tribunal Aid, Vol. 3 No. 28, December 3, 1975. Articles on: Hayes-Taylor YMCA; High Point YWCA; North Carolina A&T graduate named North Carolina Teacher of the Year; U.S. Navy Affirmative Action Planning Task Force; Office of Minority Business Enterprise; Sears-Roebuck Foundation; Commission on Public School Laws; State Assessment of Educational Progress; and television shows "Say Brother" and "Soul Train" Opinion pieces by: Albert A. Campbell; Miller Carter, Jr.; Vernon E. Jordan, Jr.; and Alfred L. Hinson

Image of Print, Photographic - 2000.006.010

Print, Photographic - 2000.006.010

Photograph, black and white, depicting South Wrenn Street, as seen the roof of a building near Sears Auto Center. Visible are the Auto Center, North Carolina National Bank, Wrenncom Furniture Building, Super Bagless Building, the Radisson Hotel, a parking garage, First Citizens Bank, and the corner of East Commerce and South Hamilton Streets.